cleverly crafted workshop

Following years of producing high-quality products for sale at local markets and bespoke, custom orders for our dedicated clientele, Cleverly Crafted is branching out to offer easier access to a wider audience.


We offer bespoke items handmade by the finest craftsmen with the finest wood, all made right here in the Weald of Kent.


Our products range from fiddle bow bread knives and chopping boards to plant pot holders, but with years of experience and a deep love of the craft behind us we’re happy to talk to you about what exactly you’re after and how we can help. By creating timeless pieces made to last, we like to think we contribute to the removal of a system of buying cheap, disposable products that need replacing every other year.

With wood being central to our work, we take great pride in what we use and how it’s sourced. Beech, Walnut and Oak all offer the highest finishes and the best quality returns. 


Handmade, locally crafted work delivers not only beauty and quality over what you find in large stores, but also helps foster community partnerships, strengthens the local economy, and encourages small businesses in what has become a big business world.


Formed in 2012 by Mike Parker, Cleverly Crafted is proud of how the company has developed and the relationships that have been built throughout the Weald of Kent. If you’re interested in beautiful, high-quality products sourced sustainably, please get in touch for a chat.

Whether you’re after a small gift for a friend, or a stunning addition to your home, we’d love to hear about your dream bespoke design and how we can bring it to life.


The finest wood, the finest craftsmen, these are pieces of art that turn material into ageless wonder.